Shade Environmental can satisfy all of your insulation needs.  If you need new insulation installed on your pipes, ducts, boilers, breechings, kitchen hood exhausts or other commercial or industrial mechanical and plumbing systems, Shade Environmental is the smart choice!

Uninsulated pipes, tanks, ducts and other thermal mechanical equipment waste a lot of energy, as well as wear out pumps, boilers and associated systems quicker.  Insulating thermal system components can keep the water or air significantly hotter than uninsulated components, requiring less energy at the heat source to maintain the desired temperature.  Hot water will arrive faster and take less time to reach the desired temperature, meaning less water is wasted.  Hot air will be delivered faster, meaning temperature swings will be smaller and less noticeable.  In both cases, less fuel is wasted, resulting in a potential savings of 15% off annual fuel and operating costs.

Safeguard the condition of your systems and structures.  Uninsulated cold water, chilled water and air conditioner compressor pipes, ducts and associated components can be subject to condensation, or sweaty surfaces.  This can contribute to excess moisture accumulation or puddling, mold growth, staining, rusting, and building material and mechanical system degradation or failure.  Uninsulated hot and cold water pipes installed in perimeter building areas can be subject to freezing in winter months.  Insulation of these systems will, again, reduce energy costs, maintain healthy and mold free environments, and extend the life of your structures and equipment.  Shade Environmental will install fiberglass, foamglass, polyisocyanurate, closed cell and calcium silicate insulations with all service, pvc, aluminum, stainless steel and alumaguard jackets on piping and equipment in a professional manner.  Our primary concerns are service, quality and satisfaction.

Shade Environmental – the right choice for implementing the appropriate solutions to your insulation needs.