Shade Environmental is a professional licensed, insured and bonded environmental remediation contractor. We specialize in the elimination of the hazardous conditions associated with exposure to mold or asbestos. Shade Environmental provides sound and effective solutions to environmental problems, supported by 100 years of experience servicing a wide range of commercial, municipal, industrial and residential clients.

The adverse health effects from exposure to airborne mold spores are well documented. The more recent acknowledgment of the detrimental health effects and property damage due to mold exposure has elevated concerns regarding liability for Insurance, Employer, Landlord and Real Estate interests.

Shade Environmental recognizes that mold growth is a symptom of a more basic problem which is the persistent presence of excessive water and/or moisture. If you abate the present mold hazard and address the moisture problem, you will eliminate the conditions necessary for the proliferation of future mold growth. The solution to these environmental challenges is a well-informed, reliable firm, specializing in the implementation of proven methods of evaluation, isolation, decontamination, disposal, construction and repair.

Shade Environmental – the right choice for implementing the appropriate solutions to your mold remediation needs.